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Marry in spain

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For a civil ceremony, however, one spouse does have to be a Spanish citizen, a resident or registered in the municipality you want to get married in. The first thing you must do is marry in spain go to spaon Civil Registry office in the municipality you plan on marrying in and let them know you would like to get married. As requirements at each Civil Registry office are different across Spain, the registrar will tell you which documents you will need to submit in marry in spain to be married in that particular municipality.

If one of you is divorced, you will have to submit the divorce papers. If one of you is a widow, the death certificate of the deceased marry in spain must also be submitted.

A voter registration card is marry in spain usually requested from marrh person resident in the municipality. Remember too, any documents you submit will have to have their original documentation submitted, as well as a Spanish version.

So be prepared to marry in spain for the costs of translation services for each document. Each spai must also marry in spain a valid Apostille certificate with it, and you will have to pay per document to get this, which can be a total of several hundred pounds or euros depending on the number of documents you will be submitting.

Once all the marry in spain has been submitted to the Civil Registry and it has been accepted, you will then have a waiting period before your wedding in Spain can take place.

That waiting period will be at least 3 weeks, or 21 days, and can be as long as maery months, or days, for all your paperwork to marry in spain processed and your application to be married accepted.

Never mind, though, as it will give you time to plan your dream wedding. If you are currently living outside Spain, this will mean you will spaib at least two visits to Spain, and possibly several more, before you are able to finish arranging your wedding and actually marry in spain married.

After all, love will always find a way. Skip to content.

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