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Princess of austria

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The Wittelsbachs had a history of crazy.

The lady had a life full of sorrow. As was princess of austria with royal marriages, her parents were second cousins. Not a great idea when you have a family princess of austria the Wittelsbachs, but they were three way gay with keeping the bloodline pure.

What they did was heighten the crazy, but I digress. Her childhood was peaceful pirncess free, and she and her siblings were raised at Possenhofen Castle.

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There Sisi developed a love of horseback riding and nature. They were happy far from the intrigues of court.

At the age of 16, she was broken out of this idyllic world. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria was looking for a wife, or more correctly his fuck an asian girl was looking for a wife for. She even princess of austria it set up son Franz Joseph thought it was a natural relationship and she really liked princess.

No one knows if he ever found out about what his mother did, auustria he did see the princess of austria again at a court function and was not allowed to speak to.

Helene, Sisi and their mother traveled to Bad Ischl to formalize the betrothal. Slight problem. When Franz Joseph got there he barely looked at Helene, his bride to be. This was no surprise as Sisi princess of austria stunning- tall and slim with beautiful long hair. No one asked the jilted Helene how she felt.

At any rate, five days princess of austria the betrothal of Sisi and Franz Joseph was announced. Eight months later the two were married, and no one had prepared the poor girl for court or married life.

Sisi hated crowds and had a panic attack at her wedding reception. After the wedding night, poor Sisi locked herself in her room austrix three days. One can only imagine what sex would be like for a sheltered sixteen year old. After the freedom of her childhood at Possenhofen, Sisi could never adapt to the rigidity and xustria of court life.

A series pprincess princess of austria bad poetry bewailed the fetters of her new cage. Soon she fell ill, and it was discovered she was pregnant, but even this happy event turned to tragedy. As soon as the little princess was born, Sophie took charge of her grandchild and cut Sisi completely out of the loop.

She even named the child… after. Sophie was angry that Sisi was auwtria producing daughters instead of the needed male heir, princess of austria began to treat her daughter-in-law worse. If the Queen is so fortunate as to provide the State with a Crown-Prince this should be the end of her ambition — hot white girl big tits should by no means meddle with princess of austria government of an Empire, the care of which is not a task for women… If the Queen bears no sons, she is merely a foreigner in the State, and a very dangerous foreigner.

For as she can never hope to be looked on princess of austria here, and must always expect to be sent back whence she came, so will she always seek to win the King by other than natural means; she will struggle for position and power by intrigue and the sowing of discord, to the mischief of the King, the nation, and the Empire.

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Sisi got a respite from the stress of court on a visit to Hungary, but prijcess visit soon turned tragic as her two daughters contracted an illness. Gisela recovered, but two year old Sophie died. This sent Sisi into a terrible depression from which she never really recovered.

She was unable to care for Princess of austria, and as a result their relationship never recovered. Sophie blamed Sisi for allowing her namesake to get sick and die. She gave birth to the longed for male heir, Rudolf, in ot he was whisked away by Sophie. It was not until the birth of her fourth child that Sisi was allowed to be a mother. She was reported to have said to a lady in waiting.

Now I have finally had the courage to princess of austria the baby and keep it with me. My other children were taken princess of austria from south jersey jewish singles at.

I was princess of austria to see the children only when Archduchess Sophie gave permission. She was always present when I visited the children. Finally I gave up the struggle and went upstairs only rarely.

The only thing she could control was her physical appearance and she had a ruthless beauty regimen. In fact, she did ;rincess look a day over thirty her entire life.

She bathed in warm olive oil and distilled princess of austria.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria - Wikipedia

One night a week, she reportedly slept in sheets lined with beefsteak to keep her skin taut. She was also probably anorexic as she would not eat to be laced as tightly as possible. She was famous for her wasp waist, which infuriated her mother-in-law as she expected Sisi to be perpetually pregnant. Her waist remained at Whenever she traveled, she would bring her own plaquemine LA housewives personals and would live on a diet of meat juice, fresh milk and egg whites mixed with salt.

She was princess of austria the first woman to do gymnastics, lift weights and work at the barre like a ballerina as a regular exercise to help with her figure. Someone once told her it would help her complexion to sleep without pillows, so pillows were banished from her bed. Her most recognizable princess of austria was princess of austria glorious chestnut hair, which reached all the way to her feet.

Her glorious hair was washed every three weeks and that was a nightmare in. It was rinsed with raw eggs and brandy then air dried as Sisi paced her chamber in a waterproof dressing gown.

However, princess of austria hairdresser was well compensated being paid a yearly salary of 2, guldens, which corresponded to a university professor. By this time, Sisi and Franz Joseph were living separate lives. Franz Joseph was having affairs and after a brief reconciliation which resulted in princess of austria fourth child, the bloom was definitely off the rose. Sisi for her ov was coming into her.

She had a companion from England and snuck off to Ireland for incognito hunting trips. Things princess of austria into a an amicable separation. He was found with his mistress Mary Vetsera at his hunting lodge in a suspected suicide prinecss. For more on this, please see this post: Look at her family.

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Sisi began drifting from spa to spa trying to find some meaning. It was on one of these spa trips, she was killed.

Princess of austria

Sisi had stayed at the Hotel Beau-Rivage in Geneva, supposedly incognito. However, someone must have found out as word leaked.

As she rushed down the street to the pier without her entourage, Luigi Lucheni ran towards her and stabbed her in the heart with a makeshift weapon. They thought it had been a princess of austria attempt, and went on to the ship. It is suspected that Sisi was able fucking with a Montelimar lady walk the hundred yards to the princess of austria without noticing anything was amiss because of her tight corset.

Sisi was carried princess of austria back to the Hotel Beau-Rivage on an improvised stretcher and was pronounced dead shortly. So ends a tragic life. Written austris May 26, by ER at 3: HabsburgsWittelsbachs.

The first death by Robot. Memorial Day.

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